zoctober 2014 zombie education alliance

zOctober 2014 is Here

Horror Author and Award Winning Book Blogger Toni Lesatz hosts zOctober 2014

The dead will rise for the month of October. zOctober 2014, is year two for the annual zombie event hosted on Lesatz’s My Book Addiction blog for zombie fanatics! Each day of the month of October there will be zombie related posts including reviews, guest posts and interviews. There will also be a zOctober 2014 Facebook Event page that will run the entire month. “It’s a place for everyone to discuss and share in the zombie fun, and to chat with your favorite authors of zombie and post-apocalyptic fiction!” Lestaz’s blog states.

We asked Lesatz, why zombies and not werewolves, vampires or serial killers? She replied, “Why zombies? I’ve been obsessed with zombies since the first time I played Resident Evil on the original Playstation back in the 90’s. The thought of zombies terrifies me in the same way that jumping out of an airplane thrills an adrenaline junkie. I could never tire of reading about, watching, or playing anything zombie related. Vampires, werewolves, and serial killers just don’t do it for me.

With all this enthusiasm and love of the reanimated flesh-eating dead, does Toni Leastz plan on hosting her event in perpetuum? After all, she is a wife, mother of four (three at home), an accomplished author and an avid blogger, which pretty much consumes most of her day.

“This is the second year of zOctober,” she tells me. “I noticed many book bloggers had Halloween themed events, but I wanted to narrow it down to zombies and post-apocalyptic fiction. It was a lot to take on by myself, but I do love a challenge. It was such a success that I just had to do it again. I’d probably get lynched by the folks that attended last year if I chose not to do it again. No, really… they’ve actually threatened it. Ha! When the event came to an end last year, the folks that attended asked me to create a zombie group on Facebook, which I did. It’s called My Zombie Addiction.

I will most likely continue hosting this event until zombies come and I no longer have internet access. Regardless of the amount of work it takes one person to put this event on, I love zOctober!”

I am honored to have been chosen by Lesatz to participate in zOctober 2014. My date for participation is October 26th, and I will be randomly giving away some eBooks. Visit Toni’s My Book Addiction zOctober 2014 page to see who is participating in the year’s event, and don’t forget to check out her zOctober 2014 Facebook Event.

About TS Alan

TS was the former managing editor of Zombie Training before co-founding ZEA with former associate editor Mike Garman. TS was born outside Buffalo, NY. After attending high school he entered into a two-year community college to study Communications and Media Arts. There he became involved in the college’s radio station as a radio personality, under the pseudonym of J.D. Hollywood. After a year with WNCB radio he also became the station’s Promotions Director. J.D. Hollywood was also one of two names he used as a music reporter and Associate Editor for Buffalo Backstage, a local music magazine. After moving to Manhattan and experiencing the Northeast blackout of 2003, he became interested in prepping and urban survival, learning much of his experience through self education and observation of tragic events like 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy. TS Alan currently resides in the East Village of New York City and is a published author of the zombie novel The Romero Strain.