Gun control bill on Bump Stocks is Dangerous | Zombie Education Alliance

Why the Gun Control Bill on Bump Stocks is Dangerous

It’s Not Just About Bump Stocks. It’s About Your Second Amendment Rights

The Curbelo-Moulton Bill (H.R.3999) Seeks to Effectively Ban Most Semiautomatic Rifles

By TS Alan

Whether you are for or against the use of bump stocks, you should be aware that the Curbelo-Moulton Bill (H.R.3999) is not about banning the device. What the proposed legislation is truly about is taking away as much of your Second Amendment rights as possible.

“To amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit the manufacture, possession, or transfer of any part or combination of parts that is designed and functions to increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle but does not convert the semiautomatic rifle into a machinegun, and for other purposes.”

Do you see the word “bump stock” in there?


The bill doesn’t actually say anything about bump fire stocks. The language of this paragraph extends far beyond bump stocks. An extensive majority of factory and aftermarket components currently available for semiautomatic rifle platforms that are designed to improve performance of the rifle system, allowing the shooter to more effectively place rounds on target in a shorter time span, are on the chopping block.

Gun control bill on Bump Stocks is Dangerous | Zombie Education Alliance

With the current wording, scopes, all magazines (regardless of capacity) aftermarket triggers, bump stocks, buffer springs, semiautomatic .22 squirrel rifles, and even all semi-automatic weapons, are going to be on the chopping block.

In addition, remember that if this bill makes it to the House Floor, Nancy Pelosi and others will try to amend the bill to get even more of what they want! This proposed bill is a springboard to massive anti-gun reforms. Bloomberg, NYS Gov. Cuomo, Sen. Feinstein, and other gun grabbers have pulled out all the stops to pass what they are touting as a “bump stock” ban, when it is really the dissolution of your Second Amendment rights.

As a hunter, a prepper, or survivalist, you should be concerned about your future rights to own a firearm. If the Curbelo-Moulton Bill (H.R.3999) passes, millions of law abiding gun owners will instantly qualify as criminals. They will then use this bill as a legal precedent to restrict magazine size, prohibit use of match triggers and components, and eventually push for a comprehensive ban of all rifles, carbines, and handguns.

ZEA is encouraging all gun owners in every state to contact your congress person and senator, and tell them “NO” on H.R.3999 with its current wording. Enlighten them on the ramifications of this bill. This proposed legislation must be stopped, or the Second Amendment as we currently know it will no longer exist.

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Gun control bill on Bump Stocks is Dangerous | Zombie Education Alliance

About TS Alan

TS was the former managing editor of Zombie Training before co-founding ZEA with former associate editor Mike Garman. TS was born outside Buffalo, NY. After attending high school he entered into a two-year community college to study Communications and Media Arts. There he became involved in the college’s radio station as a radio personality, under the pseudonym of J.D. Hollywood. After a year with WNCB radio he also became the station’s Promotions Director. J.D. Hollywood was also one of two names he used as a music reporter and Associate Editor for Buffalo Backstage, a local music magazine. After moving to Manhattan and experiencing the Northeast blackout of 2003, he became interested in prepping and urban survival, learning much of his experience through self education and observation of tragic events like 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy. TS Alan currently resides in the East Village of New York City and is a published author of the zombie novel The Romero Strain.