Walking Dead Mid-season 5 Finale Recap Zombie Education Alliance

Walking Dead Mid-season 5 Finale Recap

Season 5 reaches the halfway point with a heart-breaking finale.

Ep. 08 – ‘Coda’ | Aired Nov 30, 2014
by Stephanie Joyce

It’s no surprise that the fifth season of the Walking Dead ended with a “bang”. And after not quite believing that they would kill off one of the beloved sisters that has lasted nearly four seasons, I had to watch The Talking Dead session with Robert Kirkman directly afterwards to see just what the show creator was thinking.

As reported by LA Times, To date, the show’s fifth season is up 12% in total viewers over the fourth season. And not surprisingly, it’s the top-rated show in all of television in the key demographic of adults 18-49. Five episodes of the fifth season have even topped “Sunday Night Football” in total viewers.

The rising tide of The Walking Dead has even helped its after-show, Talking Dead, which also hit a ratings milestone on Sunday night, grabbing 6.6 million viewers, making it the highest-rated mid-season finale episode to date — And honestly, I never really liked watching Talking Dead but rest-assured, I’m going to start watching regularly as Kirkman gave us some really great insights on how hard it is to kill-off the cast members.

Walking Dead Mid-season 5 Finale Recap Zombie Education Alliance

“They really become family with each-other when they’ve been on the show for 3-4 years,” Kirkman said. “But we get together with the writers and think about how the death would affect the other characters and this is what we came up with.” And – Spoiler Alert – I can see why they decided to kill-off Beth…

Don’t get me wrong, her character was like-able, but I found it even harder to imagine the show without Daryl, Rick, Carol, Maggie or Glenn. And as much as it sucks that Maggie had to loose another family member, I couldn’t bare to see her or Glenn die as they are an incredibly cute and bad-ass couple. But this begs the question – After her father Hershel died (in Season 3) and now Beth, how will Maggie carry-on with her life for the rest of the fifth season? And how is the mysterious man in the easter-egg after Walking Dead, who found Bob’s partially-eaten leg, going to fit-in with the rest of the band?

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure where some episodes of the first half of the season were going. Was crashing a car over the bridge really that believable to be a survivable event for Carol and Daryl? Did anyone (like me) think that it was even sadder to see Daryl and Maggie’s reaction’s to Beth’s death? That was personally very heart-wrenching for me. And it looks like the themes of cannibalism may still be explored as seen near to mid-season’s end.

Walking Dead Mid-season 5 Finale Recap Zombie Education Alliance

It helped that Talking Dead on Sunday featured actress Emily Kinney, who plays Beth on the series. Kinney’s character died in the closing moments of Sunday’s episode. So her presence on the couch, talking to host Chris Hardwick, was surely a bit calming and reassuring to emotionally distraught fans.

In social media, the mid-season finale increased discussion of the series on Twitter to 1.1 million tweets, aided in part by actor Norman Reedus doing a Q&A during the episode. What are your thoughts on the themes explored so far in season 5?

The fifth season will resume on Feb. 8, and we’re also getting word of the new “Cobalt” companion series. Check out my companion article on Horror-movies.ca.

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