The Walking Dead Season 5: The Death of Daryl and Glenn?

The Death of Daryl and Glenn?

Who Will Die in Season 5 of The Walking Dead?

Have you seen the Walking Dead Season 5 San Diego Comic-Con Teaser Trailer, yet? Did you see Glenn and Daryl all tied up? Is is to be the death of Daryl and Glenn? Look at the image above. That photo is taken from the beginning of the trailer, but did you really see the trailer? I mean really?

If you did, then did you noticed the flash of Glenn Rhee about to be slammed in the back of the head by a baseball bat? The brief clip has led many to believe that Glenn might be killed this season and it may just be by Negan. There have been rumors that Negan was going to be added to Season 5, and Nicotero has previously stated that he had a particular actor in mind, but at the time of his statement, the actor was involved in another series. So is the actor now available?

In a recent interview, Yahoo TV asked Greg Nicotero about the Negan similarity of that trailer scene, and he said,

“I can say I’m glad you caught that. And that your intuition… I can’t say. I can’t say. I can say that it’s in the trailer for a reason.” Probably to throw us off! Or just as a nod to comic book fans, as kind of a secret handshake for anyone who also follows the print story.”

“I think you have to go back and see if there was barbed wire around the bat,” showrunner Scott Gimple told the Hollywood Reporter of the clip. Comic book writer, Robert Kirkman added, “We can see anything this season. Anything is possible — and good eye.”

In the comic, Negan lines up Rick’s survivor group, taunts them and informs them of the ‘new world order.’ He tells them he will choose one member of the group to kill in retribution for the Saviors that the group had killed. He initially dismisses Glenn, on his insane reasoning of not wanting to be considered racist in his selection of a victim. However, Negan cruelly chooses him after a final random selection, and beats him to death with a barbed wire bat he calls Lucille. However, the show is known for changing storylines between the comics and the television show, and they are also known for misdirection.


The clip of the man wielding the baseball bat appears at 2:20.19 thru 2:21.03 of the trailer. The man holding the bat does not resemble comic book Negan nor is the bat wrapped in barbwire (see images below).

Comic-Con Trailer The Walking Dead Season 5

Comic-Con Trailer The Walking Dead Season 5-3

However, there is more than just one person sitting next to Glenn, it looks pretty much like most of Rick’s group that has been captured by Gareth at Terminus. Is Gareth’s group really The Hunters from the comic, who are group of survivors turned cannibals? We say, yes. In the comic The Hunters come into contact with Rick’s group after the fall of the prison and who secretly stalk the group as they make their way to Washington, D.C. Their leader’s name is Chris, who in the comic is Caucasian-American in his mid-30s.

If it is just Rick’s group tied up at Terminus, then this would mean that the bat wielding man is not Negan? But is Glenn really about to die, or will it be Daryl? We know the producers and writers like to change things around, and maybe show favorite Norman Reedus lives to fight another day, it appears so in the trailer or maybe he doesn’t. Or just maybe someone else gets beaten and eaten.

Season five of the Walking Dead premieres: Sunday, Oct. 12, at 9/8c on AMC.

*Spoilers ahead from the comic books*

Most Walking Dead television series fans know that there are many differences in comparison with the comic. Here is a few of the comic differences (random order):

  • Dale dosen’t die until after the group comes into contact with The Hunters. He is bitten by a zombie (issue #62).
  • Daryl Dixon is not in the comic.
  • Sophia is still alive and has been adopted by Glenn and Maggie.
  • Tyreese was decapitated by The Governor (issue #48). Later his zombified head is put down by Michonne.
  • Carol committed suicide brought on by the dissolution of her relationship with Tyreese and her own isolation. Bitten on the neck by a zombie. (issue #41). Shot by Andrea. (Zombified).
  • Andrea, still alive and pregnant with Rick’s child.
  • Rick Grimes is missing a hand courtesy of The Governor.
  • Abraham Ford becomes Rick’s right-hand man after Tyreese dies.
  • Carl is shot in the face, destroying one eye.
  • Glenn is beaten to death by Negan. Death from a barbwire wrapped baseball bat that Negan calls Lucille. (issue #100)
  • Abraham Ford is shot in the eye by Dwight, a member of the Saviors. Death was by crossbow arrow (issue #98).
  • Rosita Espinosa, currently still alive.
  • Michonne, currently still alive.
  • Herschel, actually shot in the head by The Governor (issue #48).
  • Lori and Judith died in the fall of the prison (issue #48).