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Resident Evil NYCC 2016 panel

The Final Chapter of the Resident Evil franchise will get back to its roots and to The Hive.

Resident Evil The Final Chapter Zombie Education Alliance

Director/writer Paul W.S. Anderson and cast members discussed what fans can expect during the Resident Evil NYCC 2016 panel.

Resident Evil NYCC 2016 panel
Friday, October 7th @ 1:30 pm
by TS Alan

The panel event at the Theater at Madison Square Garden opened with a new trailer, after which the director and cast members of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter took the stage to field questions from moderator Josh Horowitz. Panel members were very excited about being at New York Comic Con. Director Paul W.S. Anderson stated, “When we first shot the first movie in Berlin, I could only dream about being in New York now promoting the sixth movie… we wouldn’t be here without the fans.” Ali Larter, who reprises her role as Clare Redfield added, “I’m just so excited to be here,” she told the large gathering.

  • Resident Evil NYCC 2016 Panel Zombie Education Alliance
    (L to R) William Levy, Ali Larter, Milla Jovovich

When asked about about where the final installment picks up, Anderson replied, “It’s a return to the very beginning of the franchise to Raccoon City or what’s left of it after we dropped a bomb on it in the second movie,” he said. “It’s a return to The Hive for Alice, where it all started… This is the movie we discover the truth about her (Alice) and the truth about the Umbrella Corporation.”

Unconvinced that this was going to be the final installment of the popular film franchise, Horowitz asked if the title was just a metaphor or actually the end. “The Final Chapter, Part 2!” Jovovich jokingly replied. However husband Anderson confirmed, “This is the conclusion. We’re bringing it full circle. It’s coming back to where it all began.

Anderson also said that “all of the unanswered questions that have been hanging over the franchise — What is Alice’s story? What is the real agenda of the Umbrella Corporation? — those will all will be answered,” he confirmed. He went on to say that “It’s also a very emotional movie, bringing Alice’s story to a conclusion.” This movie will have a level of emotional engagement that most people wouldn’t assume would be coming from a Resident Evil movie,” he stated.

Whether or not the franchise will truly end as Anderson says, one thing is certain, if the trailer is any indication of the intensity of the entire film, it will be the best of the sequels.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opens in theaters nation wide January 27, 2017.

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