Our Mission

Zombie Education Alliance was formed by two former editor/writers of the online site Zombie Training in the aftermath of its shutdown. Both TS Alan and Mike Garman felt that they could contribute to serve their dedicated Zombie Training visitors by forming their own site, but take it to the next level.

Their mission is to continue what Zombie Training began — to educate, train and entertain you. However, the Zombie Education Alliance will not only provide you with information you’ll need to survive an undead uprising, but practical advice that can aid in surviving many survival situations and expanded entertainment sections.

On the ZEA website, you’ll find basic, intermediate and advance articles on survival training and tactics, along with product reviews and articles dedicated to everything zombie. You will also find articles for real life survival situations, like being lost in the woods, your vehicle breaking down or finding a water source and purifying it.

The mission statement: Zombie Education For All, presented in a way that is educational and fun.