TS ALAN, Co-founder and Managing Editor.

TS was the former managing editor of Zombie Training before co-founding ZEA with former associate editor Mike Garman. TS was born outside Buffalo, NY. After attending high school he entered into a two-year community college to study Communications and Media Arts. There he became involved in the college’s radio station as a radio personality, under the pseudonym of J.D. Hollywood. After a year with WNCB radio he also became the station’s Promotions Director. J.D. Hollywood was also one of two names he used as a music reporter and Associate Editor for Buffalo Backstage, a local music magazine.

After moving to Manhattan and experiencing the The Northeast blackout of 2003, he became interested in prepping and urban survival, learning much of his experience through self education and observation of tragic event like 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy.

TS Alan currently resides in the East Village of New York City and is a published author of the zombie novel The Romero Strain.

Skills: Urban Survival / Edged Weaponry / Evasion

Firearm of Choice:

  • Sidearm – Sig Sauer P239 SAS Gen2 with Gold Dot hollow-point 9mm cartridge by CCI Speer.
  • Automatic Weapon – Colt M4 carbine with SOPMOD Block II kit.

Edged or Blunt Weapon of Choice: Woodman’s Pal machete.
Fast or Slow Zombies: Fast or slow, you won’t know until the uprising begins so be prepared for all scenarios.
Last Words: I didn’t go out kicking and screaming, I went out kicking and killing.

MIKE GARMAN, Co-founder and Business Manager.


Mike was an associate editor for Zombie Training before co-founding ZEA with former managing editor TS Alan

Mike has been in the aviation industry for over 30 years first in the military and then with an airline and manufactures, an avid racer and is a licensed ASA, NHRA, IHRA driver, Mike has taught performance driving and drag racing and has raced all over the world.

He is a NRA Range Safety Officer and is working on an NRA instructors certificate.

While writing for Zombie training Mike formed relationships with several manufactures and training groups that will help the ZEA bring the latest products and training to you

Mike currently resides in the desert southwest.

Skills: Desert Survival / Handguns / Tactics

Firearm of Choice:

  • Sidearm – HK USP9 or custom Glock 22.
  • Automatic Weapon – M4.

Edged or Blunt Weapon of Choice: I prefer an edged weapon.
Fast or Slow Zombies: Slow or at least slower than I am.
Last Words: Watch This.
Something Extra: Preferred long distance weapon is a DPMS LR-308.