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When the Power Grid Fails: your alternate energy options

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Generating Electricity When The World Goes Dark In a massive doomsday scenario, it is not a matter of if the power grid will fail, but how soon it will fail. In New York City, without human intervention, it is predicted that within four to six hours there will be scattered blackouts and brownouts in numerous areas, within twelve hours much of the system will be unstable, and within twenty-four hours most of the city will be out. Most of the world’s electricity is produced from fossil fuels; with no one to manufacture these fuels, or without operator input to control ...

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Best Civilian Weapons for the Zombie Apocalypse

Our Picks for the Best Civilian Weapons for the Zombie Apocalypse Five Melee Weapons to Consider for a Zombie Apocalypse Originally published on Darkness Beckons as a guest post for the Summer of Zombie 2014 Blog Tour. You’ve read various books, you’ve viewed numerous post-apocalypse television programs and you’ve done an intensive amount of online research. You know the weapons you should have for a zombie apocalypse: a handgun, a carbine, an entry axe, a machete, a knife, and a basic crow bar. But have you truly read the right books and viewed the proper shows to come up with ...

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