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A Radioactive Zombie Apocalypse: Part 3

Can You Survive a Radioactive Zombie Apocalypse? The final installment of our Three-part Series Discusses Decontamination and Medications in Case you are Exposed. Originally published on TS Alan’s blog in May 2014. Decontamination and Treatments When the radioactive zombie apocalypse starts you are ready. You purchased your radiation detector and you’ve remembered to purchase two sets of CBNR gear for each family member, along with protective coverings for the supplies you are transporting. Hopefully, if things go the way you have planned, you will never have to get within 100 mile radius of any nuclear hot zone from the nuclear ...

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A Radioactive Zombie Apocalypse: Part 2

Radioactive Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Education Alliance TS Alan

Can You Survive a Radioactive Zombie Apocalypse? Part Two of Our Three-part Series discusses the Gear You’ll Need to Survive. Originally published on TS Alan’s blog in May 2014. CBRN Gear As a survivalist/prepper you are well aware of the possibility of a zombie uprising, an earthbound object impact, a total collapse of the world’s economy or another worst case threat scenario that could bring about the mass loss and/or destruction of natural and man made resources that are vital to human survival. You are also acutely aware that the depletion of resources — human, natural and manufactured — will ...

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A Radioactive Zombie Apocalypse: Part 1

Can You Survive a Radioactive Zombie Apocalypse? Our Three-part Series Will Tell You What You Need to Know to Help You Stay Alive. Originally published on TS Alan’s blog in May 2014. This re-post has been updated. Fallout Most zombie genre authors don’t write about it and films don’t touch on it, but in a zombie apocalypse you’ll be dealing not only with the rampaging undead but most likely ones that are radioactive. When an outbreak happens, workers that maintain power stations, specifically nuclear power plants, will no longer be there to keep critical systems operational. Furthermore, the diesel engines ...

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Firearm Suppressor Basics

Firearm Suppressor Basics Zombie Education Alliance Mike Garman

Firearm Suppressor Basics: Who Can Own One and Why You Should by Mike Garman We all know that during the zombie apocalypse noise will attract walkers, this is the main reason that the characters in the popular television show The Walking Dead use suppressors either homemade or purpose built. But what is a suppressor? Suppressors or silencers have long been the stuff of movies and TV, and there are a lot of misconceptions about what a suppressor is, how it works and the legalities of owning one. Suppressors are covered by the National Firearms ACT (NFA) ATF E-Publication 5320.8 Revised: April ...

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Choosing Boots For The Long Haul

Are Your Boots Made For Walking? by TS Alan You’ve been hunkered down for over three months, but now your food and water supplies are dangerously low. You have an evacuation plan and you know where you need to go. You get in your vehicle that hasn’t been started since you barricaded yourself in, you turn the ignition and… nothing. Your vehicle is dead and you have no idea how to fix it. On to your backup plan… walking. Your bug-out-bag is strapped on, your weapons are at the ready, and you’re about to open that door for the first ...

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Alternate Armor: Protection and Mobility

alternate armor zombie education alliance ts alan

Alternate Choices for Body Protection Against the Undead by TS Alan In the article Armor vs Mobility, I discussed the pros and cons of wearing full-body armor along with your bug-out bag, weapons and other gear you will be carrying when you are fleeing a zombie uprising. Using the low-end of the weight scale of what an Army Ranger candidate would be equipped with on their backs for training (65-90 lbs.), plus weapons and tools worn, your median load-bearing weight was approximately 83 lbs. Adding head-to-ankle body armor, including a ballistic helmet, full face mask, fully equipped outer tactical vest ...

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Armor vs Mobility

armor vs mobilty ts alan zombie education alliance

Mobility means Survivability To armor up or not to armor up is a much debated and sometimes heated topic amongst zombie survivalists on the internet. The majority seem to think a fully protected body is essential, while the minority contest being heavily armored is not advantageous. For those who believe in it, what to wear spans the gambit from the realistic to the ridiculous. On one forum, I read a poster’s opinion that chain-mail is the best body armor to bear. If we lived in a perfect world, we’d all be prepared for a zombie apocalypse — knowing we will ...

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Basic First Aid: The First Step is Action

basic first aid the first step is action zombie education alliance

IN THE BEGINNING: The first step is always the most important. Yet, often times, we fail to recognize what that first step is… and in all truth, the first step in basic first aid is ACTION. I have been in the medical field for some time now and throughout that time I have seen (and been part of) mistakes that could have been avoided simply by taking action. The failure to act is just as bad as doing something wrong. In the event of medical complications, ignoring the problem can often times become the worst problem. In the matters of ...

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How to Purify Your Water Supply

The Good, the Bad, the Stagnant and the Salty: How to Purify nearly any Water Supply Eventually, when your clean water supply runs dry you’re going to need to seek out and procure a new source. No matter what your circumstance, it is best to always purify your water before consuming it. Water comes from two sources: ground or surface. Whether it comes from a river, a well, mountain stream, rain run-off, or from a stagnant source such as a radiator, backyard pool or floodwater, you’re going to want to make sure it does not contain contaminants or bacteria. Devices ...

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NextLevel SIRT Training Pistol

Training is a vital part of survival. The more you train the more chance you have of surviving some world ending event as seen in the television series The Walking Dead. But in the world today with the renew push for gun control and the panicked buying that results, it is becoming more difficult and more expensive to training. I recently took a firearms class and the instructor introduced me to the SIRT Training Pistol. The SIRT Training Pistol is made by NextLevel Training, NXT is based out of Ferndale Washington and has a variety of innovative laser based training ...

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