The Walking Dead: The Whisperer War review

Walking Dead The Whisperer War review | Zombie Education Alliance

The War with the Whisperers was inevitable. But who who survive this all out battle? The Walking Dead: The Whisperer War review. Issue #157 Part 1 of 6 chapters by TS Alan Issue #157, kicks off what looks to be the most compelling Walking Dead story line since ‘All Out War’ (issues 115 – 126) several years ago. And while “The Whisperer War” involves another major clash between opposing factions, this opening chapter makes it clear that Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard are planning something that readers may not expect. Kirkman has already laid some foundation of mistrust between the ...

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Who is Negan? His Tragic Backstory Revealed

Who is Negan? | Zombie Education Alliance

Image+ preview catalog’s ‘Here’s Negan’ reveals his painful origin story ‘Here’s Negan’ is the tragic and heartbreaking backstory of the Walking Dead’s iconic psychopath and why his bat is named Lucille. When The Walking Dead returns, we will find out in the seventh season premiere the answer to the sixth-season cliffhanger: Who does Negan beat to death with his baseball bat? There are two things we can count on: It will be horrific, and Negan’s victim will be bludgeoned to death by Lucille. What we currently know about Negan from the television series is that Negan is the leader of ...

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The Walking Dead: All Out War review

Walking Dead All Out War review by TS Alan Zombie Education Alliance Rick Grimes Battles Negan in an All Out War Fans across the world celebrated the release of THE WALKING DEAD #115 at New York City Comic Con last year, by not only attending the 10th Anniversary The Walking Dead Comic panel but also by purchasing the limited edition NYCC cover issue. For those who did not attend NYCC 2013, there was still a lot of celebrating to be had with thousands attending midnight release parties throughout the United States. With the introduction of the most intense storyline in ...

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Star-Spangled War Stories featuring G.I. Zombie review

When DC Comics wanted to re-imagine their iconic war comic protagonist Unknown Soldier for the New 52, they asked Batwing writing team Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and what they came up with was “…a man who is neither dead nor alive, who fights for his country again… and again… and again!” He also eats human flesh. Star-Spangled War Stories reboots a title that had several incarnations, which started with the original in June/July 1970. G.I. Zombie marks the character’s second re-imaging after the previous 2008 series that was cancelled in 2010 because of dwindling readership. Last month the new ...

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Dead Last: Premiere Issue review

Run if you Want to Survive The comic book industry, like any entertainment business, is tough. And attempting to launch a new brand in zombie themed comic fiction is even tougher; especially when you have to compete with established brands like The Walking Dead, Planet of the Living Dead and Empire of the Dead. However, that is exactly what Bad Apple Entertainment has done with their comic Dead Last. The storyline is simple. A group of friends head out to a zombie run and while they’re participating they run into some “real” talking zombies. The question is whether they’ll realize ...

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