Dying Days 4 review

The fourth in Armand Rosamilia’s “Dying Days” series. Dying Days 4: The Review I Didn’t Want to Write, But Probably Not Why You Think. I’ve been called many things in my lifetime, but two of the monikers that I will attest are true are the titles of, “book snob”, and “zombie purist”. There are probably a few other choice terms that dance on the border of apt, but, I digress. Being a, *ahem*, book snob, and a reviewer of books, I have to tell you, I read a lot of bad zombie fiction. So much of it is just, well, ...

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The Romero Strain by TS Alan

This is a really interesting book. The zombie genre is challenging for writers. Stick to the same old zombie ‘rules’, and you run the risk of having a boring book with nothing new for readers to discover; stray too far from the canon literature and you lose the attention of folks who want an easily recognizable setting. Enter ‘The Romero Strain’ by TS Alan. Alan understands the rules of a great zombie book: some kind of virus infects humanity, mass destruction follows. He also knows that a great zombie book uses the zombies as a setting, to add the drama ...

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