In The Crosshairs: Comic Artist John Broglia

In The Crosshairs: Comic Artist John Broglia Zombie Education Alliance

An interview with comic artist John Broglia John talks comics, zombies and gives some advice to aspiring comic creators by TS Alan Brooklyn, NY born and raised comic artist John Broglia knew from an early age he wanted to be a comic creator. Now, nearly ten years after his first comic (Zombie Sama!) was published, he’s done work on over a dozen comic issues including Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures for Red Comics, The God Complex for Image Comics and two digital comics of his own: Denali with Jay Faerber and Unmasked with Michael Sarrao. Broglia has also done animation ...

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Billy Tucci: The Boys of Company Z

101 Airborne The Boys of Company Z Zombie Education Alliance TS Alan

New York Comic Con 2014 Interview Billy Tucci talks The Boys of Company Z, his Shi projects and his feelings on Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s NYS Safe Act At last year’s New York Comic Con, I interviewed fellow prepper and long time acquaintance, Billy Tucci about his new comic project The Boys of Company Z, his Shi comic reboot, his Shi film project and about how he’s prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. He told me the third draft of the Shi script was coming along very well, his new Shi comic was getting ready to launch and would be ...

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In The Crosshairs: Director Guy Pigden

in the crosshairs director guy pigden isazh zombie education alliance

An interview with I Survived a Zombie Holocaust director Guy Pigden Today we spotlight kiwi writer / director Guy Pigden and put him In The Crosshairs. He gives some advice to horror screenwriters and directors, along with some insight into his upcoming film ‘I Survived A Zombie Holocaust,’ and what he really thinks about a zombie holocaust. New Zealand born and raised writer/director Guy Pigden founded his Pigville Productions in 2002, with two esteemed colleagues, Harley Neville and Nic Larsen, and did what most aspiring filmmakers do, shoot a lot of shorts to showcase their talents and put them on ...

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In The Crosshairs: Author and Publisher James Roy Daley

In the crosshairs interview james roy daley

An interview with Books of the Dead Press’ founder James Roy Daley Today we spotlight horror author, musician and publisher James Roy Daley, and put him In The Crosshairs. He gives some advice to horror authors seeking to get published and tells us what he thinks about zombies. Daley studied film at the Toronto Film School, music at Humber College, and English at the University of Toronto. He is the author of The Hanging Tree, Into Hell, 13 Drops of Blood and Zombie Kong. In 2009, he founded Books of the Dead Press, now one of the most successful small ...

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