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How to Purify Your Water Supply

The Good, the Bad, the Stagnant and the Salty: How to Purify nearly any Water Supply Eventually, when your clean water supply runs dry you’re going to need to seek out and procure a new source. No matter what your circumstance, it is best to always purify your water before consuming it. Water comes from two sources: ground or surface. Whether it comes from a river, a well, mountain stream, rain run-off, or from a stagnant source such as a radiator, backyard pool or floodwater, you’re going to want to make sure it does not contain contaminants or bacteria. Devices ...

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Vertex Ultralight Stove

Lightweight and Portable. The above is two key words a prepper/survivalist insists on when in a bugout situation. Everything in your portable survival kit must be as light and as compact as possible when in a bugout situation. A heavy, cumbersome backpack/carry bag will weigh you down, which will in turn slow you down and make you vulnerable to attack not only by the undead hordes but by other survivors who will do anything to take your survival supplies. The Vertex Ultralite stove weighs a mere 1.8 ounces (50 grams) and can be packed completely flat, only 2.5mm thick. Fuel. ...

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Backcountry Boiler review

Lightweight Portable Water Boiler by Boilerwerks Whether you’re a novice prepper or a full on survivalist, you should know the importance of boiling your water if it hasn’t come straight out of a sealed bottled. Even the cleanest water source can have bacteria, cysts, and microbiological waterborne pathogens, amongst other invisible enemies, that can make you extremely ill and possibly kill you. Sometimes it is not practical or possible to make a full on fire to sterilize the water you just secured. If you are mobile and avoiding an enemy, be it the living or the undead, a smokey fire ...

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