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Walking Dead Whisperer War Variant Covers Revealed

Walking Dead Whisperer War Variant Covers Revealed | Zombie Education Alliance

Walking Dead Debuts 6, Interlocking Arthur Adams Variant Covers by TS Alan Fans of the The Walking Dead comic book series are currently awaiting the release of part 4 of the 6 part series The Whisperer War, and with the series comes a lot of mayhem and death. To commemorate the newest series, six issues are being released with “B covers” drawn by Arthur Adams (known for his Marvel covers) as an alternative to the “A covers” drawn by Charles Adlard. These variant covers aren’t just done by a different artist – they are epic connecting cover variants and when aligned with one another they form a long image ...

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Who is Negan? His Tragic Backstory Revealed

Who is Negan? | Zombie Education Alliance

Image+ preview catalog’s ‘Here’s Negan’ reveals his painful origin story ‘Here’s Negan’ is the tragic and heartbreaking backstory of the Walking Dead’s iconic psychopath and why his bat is named Lucille. When The Walking Dead returns, we will find out in the seventh season premiere the answer to the sixth-season cliffhanger: Who does Negan beat to death with his baseball bat? There are two things we can count on: It will be horrific, and Negan’s victim will be bludgeoned to death by Lucille. What we currently know about Negan from the television series is that Negan is the leader of ...

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Resident Evil NYCC 2016 panel

Resident Evil The Final Chapter Zombie Education Alliance

The Final Chapter of the Resident Evil franchise will get back to its roots and to The Hive. Director/writer Paul W.S. Anderson and cast members discussed what fans can expect during the Resident Evil NYCC 2016 panel. Resident Evil NYCC 2016 panel Friday, October 7th @ 1:30 pm by TS Alan The panel event at the Theater at Madison Square Garden opened with a new trailer, after which the director and cast members of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter took the stage to field questions from moderator Josh Horowitz. Panel members were very excited about being at New York Comic ...

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The Walking Dead NYCC 2016 panel

The Walking Dead NYCC 2016 panel Zombie Education Alliance

10 Things you need to know about the Walking Dead NYCC 2016 panel. And about the new season Walking Dead NYCC 2016 panel Saturday, October 9th @ 5:30 pm by TS Alan This year’s New York Comic Con Walking Dead panel was once again held at the Theater at Madison Square Garden to a capacity crowd of 5,500 fans. Die-heart fans of the Walking Dead television series knew that if you were not in attendance three hours prior to the panel’s start, you probably were not going to make it inside. This held true with hundreds of people still standing ...

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Ash vs Evil Dead NYCC 2016 panel

Ash vs Evil Dead NYCC 2016 panel Zombie Education Alliance

Glory Glory Hallelujah! Ash vs Evil Dead returns to New York Comic Con But it may be the last time without your help. Ash vs Evil Dead NYCC 2016 panel Thursday, October 6th @ 11:30 am by TS Alan The first major panel outside of the Javits Center for this year’s opening day of New York Comic Con was Ash vs Evil Dead. This is the second time the Ash has come came to NYCC and the second time the panel was held at Hammerstein Ballroom on West 34th Street. Although season two of Ash vs Evil Dead began airing ...

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What Went Wrong? Legendary Stories

Lit Select What Went Wrong? To Serve and Protect TS Alan

Lit Select’s What Went Wrong? (Legendary Stories, #1) 15 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Tales, which includes the short “To Serve and Protect” by ZEA Co-founder, TS Alan “To Serve and Protect”: A sole survivor travels by car across country in hopes of finding someone else alive, but his blatant disregard for the laws of man proves to have disastrous consequences. Everyone’s had THAT day—the one where a spell went south, a glitch ate some code in the doomsday device, and aliens are on the move eat your brains. Okay, maybe we haven’t all had that day. In What Went Wrong?, fifteen ...

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Devolution Z April 2016: The Horror Magazine

Devolution Z April 2016 Deadland by TS Alan

Devolution Z Horror Magazine, April 2016 issue includes the short story “Deadland” by ZEA Co-founder, TS Alan A Native American tale based on the Ojibwe legend of the Wendigo. “Deadland”: In 1867 Montana, a bigoted deputy marshal reluctantly enlists the aid of a renegade Native American as a guide to a remote mining camp suffering a cholera outbreak, only to discover the dead have risen. Available from Amazon in print edition or digital edition: Devolution Z April 2016: The Horror Magazine (Volume 9) SHORT STORIES “Disorder in the Court” by Chance Barton & Cordelia Vandenburg “A Song of Crickets” by ...

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The Walking Dead: Death Of Glenn

The Walking Dead: Death Of Glenn by TS Alan | Zombie Education Alliance

Glenn Rhee’s death should have been no surprise, so why were so many fans shocked by his demise? The signs were there, fans just missed it… or was it the Walking Dead’s greatest misdirection? Season 6, Ep. 03 – ‘Thank You’ | Aired October 25, 2015 by TS Alan I am an avid fan of both the Walking Dead television series as well as the comic. So when Steven Yeun’s character Glenn Rhee was horrifically torn apart by a massive horde of walkers at the end of this season’s episode three, I was not surprised because I know it was ...

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Ford’s Firearms

Zombie Education Alliance Ford's Firearms Mike Garman

Guns of Old and New and More Than Expected at Ford’s Firearms by Mike Garman Love it or hate it the reality show Sons of Guns was very popular and for me pretty entertaining, I first met some of the cast at the SEMA show several years ago and since then I have gotten to be friends with several of the cast of characters. Unless you’ve been living in a cave you know what happened to the television show and why it was taken off the air. I’m not going to dwell on that but I am going to talk ...

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Exclusive Walking Dead Merchandise

exclusive walking dead merchandise zombie education alliance

The Walking Dead Merchandise Reigns Supreme at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Attention all of you The Walking Dead fans with money to burn, have I got a treat for you! I’ve arrived home from a trip to Universal Studios Orlando where their annual Halloween Horror Nights extravaganza is being held until the end of the month. While I can’t divulge much information about their massive, zombie-packed, Greg Nicotero designed horror house, I can tell you that even day guests without party tickets are treated to merchandise stations around the parks, fully loaded with gory, zombie goodness for your ...

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