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Billy Tucci: The Boys of Company Z

New York Comic Con 2014 Interview

Billy Tucci talks The Boys of Company Z, his Shi projects and his feelings on Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s NYS Safe Act

At last year’s New York Comic Con, I interviewed fellow prepper and long time acquaintance, Billy Tucci about his new comic project The Boys of Company Z, his Shi comic reboot, his Shi film project and about how he’s prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

William Tucci The Boys of Company Z Zombie Education Alliance TS AlanHe told me the third draft of the Shi script was coming along very well, his new Shi comic was getting ready to launch and would be out in late spring and that The Boys of Company Z would launch a Kickstarter campaign and come out in 2014.

A year later neither his new Shi or The Boys of Company Z have been released, so I sat down with Bill again at this year’s New York Comic Con to find out what going on with his projects, and to see if he’s upgraded his preps with the concerns about an Ebola outbreak in the United States.

Zombie Education Alliance [ZEA]: So last year you and I sat down and had a chat about your new Shi comic, your Shi movie and your upcoming zombie comic. So I’d like to get up dates for our readers. Let’s start off with your Shi comic.

Billy: Shi the comic. I got invited to so many conventions that it really put it off. I’m still working on it, but it’s going to come out next year now.

ZEA: Last year you said you were going to do a Kickstarter for it. Do you a date for the campaign now?

Billy: No, because I’m going to do The Boys of Company Z first. Because with just the response it got in San Diego [SDCC 2014], I gotta go with The Boys of Company Z. So I told you we shot the video so I could do Shi first, but everyone kept telling me no; do the The Boys of Company Z. So that’s what I’m doing.

ZT: So when can we expect a launch?

Billy: We’ll be doing a Kickstarter next month.

ZEA: So what about your Shi movie. Last time we spoke I think you said you were on the seventh re-write.

Billy: Yes. So Patrick Tatopoulos who is attached as director is the production designer on Batman vs. Superman. That’s really cool. So that’s all I can really say, because they don’t want me to say too much. But everything seems to be really great.

ZEA: So then let me ask you this: Is your screenplay finalized or are they still asking you to do re-writes.

Billy: We’re still working on it. Because there are things that we disagree with that I have to spend some time on convincing them that I’m right.

ZEA: So next year marks the anniversary of Zombie Sama and John [Broglia] wants to know if you would be interested in doing a tenth anniversary issue.

Billy: We are doing a tenth anniversary issue. And I apologized to John. It’s — Next year’s the tenth anniversary?

ZEA: Yes. It came out in 2005.

Billy: We’ll definitely do it. Jeez, I can’t believe I actually forgot about it.

ZT: We also talked about your prepping efforts last year and how you are all prepped up [for a zombie uprising]. Have you added anything since the Ebola scare.

Billy: More ammunition. From last year at this time I probably have 7,000 more rounds of ammo. .45 ACP, .223, .03-06. A lot of .03-06 for my [M1] Garand. And a lot of 9mm. It’s cheaper again. You know I live in New York, it’s fucking… we’re dead, you know with our governor and the Safe Act (Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act), and how he’s constricting ordinary citizens the right to protect themselves. I’m sure he’s well protected, but the rest of us, he doesn’t give a shit about the rest of us… He thinks he knows what he’s doing, but he wants control. That’s how I really feel, that he wants control and he’s a real piece of shit. How’s that?

Nodding in agreement, I asked Billy one final question.

ZEA: Did you want to add anything?

Billy, me and a listening fan began to laugh loudly. I clarified my question.

ZEA: Not necessarily on the governor, but anything you want to mention to the readers, anything you got going on?

Billy: Just please support The Boys of Company Z when we launch it as a Kickstarter. Basically to reiterate what the story is about, it is about World War II re-enactors who have to basically become the heroes that they do impressions of and parachute into an elementary school to save a bunch of kids during a zombie infestation — during a human strain of rabies outbreak. But they’re guys just like us. They talk the talk and know every little aspect of what these paratroopers did in World War II; the 101st Airborne. Now they actually have to do it. It’s sort of a comedy but it’s also got a lot of heart to it. And it’s a great story, it really is.

Check back regularly next month, we’ll be posting the Kickstater video on our site, and hopefully be getting an update from Billy, too.

Last year’s New York Comic Con interview can be found here: Crusade Comics Founder Billy Tucci Goes Zombie.

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