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US Survival AR-7 Rifle Review

US Survival AR-7 Rifle Review | Zombie Education Alliance

The US Survival AR-7 Rifle may have failed as a US Military weapon, But it’s found popularity with survivalists US Survival AR-7 Rifle review by Mike Garman In the 50’s the US Air Force adopted the AR-5 Survival Rifle (designated the M-1 rifle) for use by pilot and aircrews. This rifle never saw much use but Eugene Stoner, who designed the AR-5 for Armalite used the design to create the Survival AR-7 Rifle. Originally manufactured by AramaLite from 1959-1973, this unique rifle changed manufacturing hands several times until 1997, when Henry Repeating Arms Co. started producing it. Although it never ...

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Harley Quinn’s Chiappa Rhino 60 DS Revolver Review

Harley Quinn's Chiappa Rhino 60DS Revolver Review | Zombie Education Alliance

Harley Quinn wielded one bad ass revolver in 2016s hit film Suicide Squad But was it just a prop or the real deal? Harley Quinn’s Chiappa Rhino 60 DS revolver review by Mike Garman I’m sure many of you saw the movie Suicide Squad. Love it or hate it there were a lot of very cool firearms in the movie. One that peaked my interest was the revolver used by Margot Robbie’s character Harley Quinn. It looked like a movie prop gun, but it’s not! It is a Chiappa Firearms Rhino 60 DS, which is a 6 inch barreled .357 ...

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