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Fear the Walking Dead: season 2, episode 7 review

Zombie Education Alliance | Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode, 8 review

Fear the Walking Dead Mid-season 2 Finale Review Burn baby burn. Burn that mother down. Season 2, Ep. 07 – ‘Shiva’ | Aired May 22, 2016 by TS Alan “Shiva” is pretty lame when it comes to mid-season cliffhangers as compared to those of AMC’s flagship show The Walking Dead. Sure we got some bloodshed of shorts in the end. Travis got booted out of the Abigail compound for shooting his zombie bitten lover in the head before he turned. And we did finally learn all of Daniel Salazar’s (Rubén Blades) secrets, just before he burned the Abigail compound to ...

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What Went Wrong? Legendary Stories

Lit Select What Went Wrong? To Serve and Protect TS Alan

Lit Select’s What Went Wrong? (Legendary Stories, #1) 15 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Tales, which includes the short “To Serve and Protect” by ZEA Co-founder, TS Alan “To Serve and Protect”: A sole survivor travels by car across country in hopes of finding someone else alive, but his blatant disregard for the laws of man proves to have disastrous consequences. Everyone’s had THAT day—the one where a spell went south, a glitch ate some code in the doomsday device, and aliens are on the move eat your brains. Okay, maybe we haven’t all had that day. In What Went Wrong?, fifteen ...

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