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Re-Kill review

Re-Kill review by TS Alan | Zombie Education Alliance

Re-Kill follows the exploits of Division-R’s Team 8, but will you? Zombie reality television from the Outbreak News Channel, commercials included. by TS Alan (2015, USA) Plot: It’s been five years since a zombie outbreak decimated 85% of the world’s population. Most major cities are still uninhabitable and though the war against the Re-Animates (Re-Ans) was won, they haven’t been eliminated. That’s why there’s R-Division, a nation wide military style police force that specializes in eliminating any Re-An threat to prevent a second outbreak. Review: “R-Division: Frontline” is the number one television show, broadcast on the Outbreak News Channel. The ...

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The Walking Dead: Death Of Glenn

The Walking Dead: Death Of Glenn by TS Alan | Zombie Education Alliance

Glenn Rhee’s death should have been no surprise, so why were so many fans shocked by his demise? The signs were there, fans just missed it… or was it the Walking Dead’s greatest misdirection? Season 6, Ep. 03 – ‘Thank You’ | Aired October 25, 2015 by TS Alan I am an avid fan of both the Walking Dead television series as well as the comic. So when Steven Yeun’s character Glenn Rhee was horrifically torn apart by a massive horde of walkers at the end of this season’s episode three, I was not surprised because I know it was ...

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere Review

The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere Review by TS Alan | Zombie Education Alliance

Rick Grimes and the Alexandrians return for The Walking Dead season 6. And they must defend their community against a massive walker herd which threats the Alexandria Safe-Zone Season 6, Ep. 01 – ‘First Time Again’ | Aired October 11, 2015 by TS Alan Last season’s finale, “Conquer”, ended with Rick shooting Pete dead in an act of retaliation after Pete accidentally slit Reg’s throat, while threatening him with Michonne’s katana. Pete’s execution happened at the exact moment when Daryl and Aaron arrive with Morgan. The season six premiere begins the morning after the killing, well, almost. With the best ...

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Fear The Walking Dead Season Finale Review

Fear The Walking Dead Season Finale by TS Alan | Zombie Education Alliance

AMC’s first season of Fear The Walking Dead finished with record-breaking ratings, but will viewers want more? Season 1, Ep. 06 – ‘A Good Man’ | Aired October 4, 2015 by TS Alan In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new zombie television series being aired on the AMC Network. No, it’s not the Walking Dead, that’s already in its sixth season as of October 11th. The newest zombie series is called Fear The Walking Dead, which is Robert Kirkman’s spin-off of his highly rated Walking Dead series. The premise of the new show is that it is set in ...

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Ash vs Evil Dead NYCC Prize Pack Giveaway Contest (closed)

Ash vs Evil Dead NYCC 2015 Prize Pack Giveaway Contest | Zombie Education Alliance

Ash is back, baby and we’re giving away a Starz Network / NYCC 2015 prize pack Eligibility for this contest is as follows: 1. Follow us on Twitter and/or Like us on Facebook 2. Navigate to Ash vs Evil Dead Premiere Review page and leave a comment at the bottom of the post. 3. Comment does not have be about the review, but MUST at least be about one of the three Bruce Campbell Evil Dead films or the upcoming Starz Network series. 4. Your comments can be funny or serious. Winners will be selected out of the best comments, ...

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Ash vs Evil Dead Premiere Review

Ash vs Evil Dead premiere review by TS Alan | Zombie Education Alliance

Bruce Campbell returns as the chainsaw wielding anti-hero, Ash Williams in Starz Network’s new horror comedy series Ash vs Evil Dead Ash is back and that’s really Groovy for fans of the Evil Dead franchise Season 1, Ep. 1 | Premiered Oct 10, 2015 at NYCC | Airs Oct 31 on Starz by TS Alan Attendees at the packed Ash vs Evil Dead panel was given an amazing surprise, when star Bruce Campbell and executive producer Sam Raimi revealed that the audience was not going to get the trailer like San Diego Comic Con had, but the entire first episode ...

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Cooties review

Cooties review by TS Alan. Zombie Education Alliance

While Cooties delivers well-placed laughs and good gore, it lacks bite “Circle, circle, dot, dot. Now you have a cooties shot.” by TS Alan (2015, USA) Plot: When contaminated chicken nuggets turn elementary school children into depraved flesh-eating zombies (the infected, not the reanimated undead), a group of dysfunctional summer school teachers must band together to escape the mayhem and carnage. Review: Elijah Wood heads this well-balanced ensemble cast as Clint Hadson, a wanna-be novelist who recently moved back to his hometown of Fort Chicken after failing to make it in New York. Clint takes a summer job as a ...

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