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Fear The Walking Dead Series Premiere Review

Fear The Walking Dead Series Premiere Review by TS Alan Zombie Education Alliance

Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson’s Walking Dead spin-off garnishes record-breaking ratings, but it will need to raise the ante to keep die-hard TWD fans watching Season 1, Ep. 01 – ‘Pilot’ | Aired August 23, 2015 by TS Alan Fear The Walking Dead’s series premiere opens to a teaser of an awakening, not entirely unlike Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes emerging from his coma to the aftermath of a zombie uprising. However, this time it is drug addict Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) awakening after a heroin-high, discovering his crash den in chaos and his female companion snacking on the face of ...

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Extinction (2015) review

Extinction (2015) review | Zombie Education Alliance | TS Alan

Extinction… or is it? Jeffrey Donovan and Matthew Fox play feuding survivors in a frigid tale set in a post-zombie apocalypse. by TS Alan (2015, USA/Spain) Summary: The film opens with two buses filled with survivors heading to the military held town of Harmony. Just short of their destination the lead bus stops, halting the small convoy. The soldiers aboard the second bus radio the first to find out what the problem is. When there is no response a soldier goes to investigate, but disappears. Another follows and is seized by one of the raging infected. Then all hell breaks ...

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Schultz & Larsen M54J review

Schultz & Larsen M54J review | Zombie Education Alliance | Mike Garman

Putting a 60-year-old Schultz & Larsen M54J Rifle to the Test by Mike Garman In previous articles I’ve discussed the need for a good long-range rifle, one like the Savage Model 111 LRH can cost thousands but with money tight for most everyone. I’m always on the lookout for a good deal on a firearm, and during a recent visit to Joe Luhn of Crazzy Joe’s, he showed me a Schultz & Larsen M54J that was made in the late 50s, Buying an older firearm is not without its risks. Some are chambered in very odd or rare calibers and ...

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