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The Walking Deceased review

The Walking Deceased Review Zombie Education Alliance TS Alan

A low budget, low-brow lampoon of the zombie genre that doesn’t always hit its target but isn’t brain dead by TS Alan (2015, USA) Plot: A mashup parody of The Walking Dead, Warm Bodies and Zombieland with nods to and finger poking at a plethora of the most iconic, and not-so-iconic, zombie films of the past 15 years. Review: I am a huge fan of the zombie genre of both the comedic and the dramatic, but have become jaded over the past few years at the recent glut of atrocious, uninspired zombie films that have been churned out — and ...

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iZombie “Pilot” review

iZombie "Pilot" Review Zombie Education Alliance TS Alan

CW’s New Crime Drama iZombie Has A Lot Of Heart But Needs More Brains Season 1, Ep. 01 – ‘Pilot’ | Aired March 17, 2015 by TS Alan Watching the first episode of CW’s iZombie, it becomes apparent that Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero’s new series made brain surgery of Veronica Mars, and put a cutesy zombie spin on the beloved teen detective drama to churn out a safe horror series geared for those that find The Walking Dead to gruesome and just don’t get Z Nation‘s dark humor. But it would be easy just to dismiss iZombie as another ...

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Zombieworld review

Zombieworld review Zombie Education Alliance

Zombieworld Uses Practical Effects That Blow Your Mind, Literally by Stephanie Joyce (2015, USA) Remember the days of Evil Dead and Dead Alive – directors Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson from their days of horror – where we loved watching skeletons and ghouls tear limbs from bodies and transform (in stop-motion fashion) while making us believe this can all really happen? Well, the days of practical effects live again through an instant cult-classic of a movie called Zombieworld. Brought to us by Dread Central and Image Entertainment, this bad boy full of short films that make up a “Zombie-World” just ...

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