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Smith & Wesson Model 64 .38 Special review

Smith & Wesson Model 64 .38 Special review Zombie Education Alliance

The Smith & Wesson Model 64 .38 Special was the standard weapon of the NYPD until retired in late 1993, but it is still popular with many handgun enthusiasts. by Mike Garman When purchasing a firearm a used gun is a good option, but if you ask the question new or used in any gun related forum, you’ll be sure to start an argument. So when my friend Tara decided she wanted a revolver for her growing collection, it was off to the Small Arms Review show (SAR) to see what we could find. The goal was to find the ...

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Z Nation: Doctor of the Dead Season Finale

Z Nation: Doctor of the Dead Season Finale Zombie Education Alliance

Syfy’s Z Nation: ‘Doctor of the Dead’ Season Finale review The Mad Scientist Behind the Z Virus and Patient Zero Season 1, Ep. 13 – ‘Doctor of the Dead‘ | Aired Dec 05, 2014 by TS Alan The long journey to get Murphy to a military facility in hopes of extracting a cure from his antibodies took a detour when the group was re-routed by Citizen Z to a lab in Colorado, the place where Dr. Merch was last reported to be. However, a disturbing discovery and a potential tragic episode ending could potentially shift the focus of season two ...

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Savage 111 Long Range Hunter review

Savage 111 Long Range Hunter review - zombie education alliance

Putting the Savage Arms Model 111 Long Range Hunter in .338 Lapua Magnum to the Test by Mike Garman In the previous series Hellsgate Tactical Precision Rifle Clinic, I talked about the basics of shooting long distances. Over the years I have shot several different rifles at targets at distances of 1,000 yards. It’s quite satisfying to hear a steel target ring when you hit it at 1,000 yards with a .308, but I wanted to be able to hit targets at 1500 to 2000 yards, and to do that I needed something a little more potent than my DPMS ...

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Walking Dead Mid-season 5 Finale Recap

Walking Dead Mid-season 5 Finale Recap Zombie Education Alliance

Season 5 reaches the halfway point with a heart-breaking finale. Ep. 08 – ‘Coda’ | Aired Nov 30, 2014 by Stephanie Joyce It’s no surprise that the fifth season of the Walking Dead ended with a “bang”. And after not quite believing that they would kill off one of the beloved sisters that has lasted nearly four seasons, I had to watch The Talking Dead session with Robert Kirkman directly afterwards to see just what the show creator was thinking. As reported by LA Times, To date, the show’s fifth season is up 12% in total viewers over the fourth ...

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