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Alternate Armor: Protection and Mobility

alternate armor zombie education alliance ts alan

Alternate Choices for Body Protection Against the Undead by TS Alan In the article Armor vs Mobility, I discussed the pros and cons of wearing full-body armor along with your bug-out bag, weapons and other gear you will be carrying when you are fleeing a zombie uprising. Using the low-end of the weight scale of what an Army Ranger candidate would be equipped with on their backs for training (65-90 lbs.), plus weapons and tools worn, your median load-bearing weight was approximately 83 lbs. Adding head-to-ankle body armor, including a ballistic helmet, full face mask, fully equipped outer tactical vest ...

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Naked Zombie Girl review

Naked Zombie Girl review zombie education alliance ts alan

A Zombie Flick Stripped to its Bare Essentials by TS Alan Plot: It’s simple. Three people in a beat up 1971 Cadillac are fleeing a zombie uprising, one of whom has been bitten. The car breaks down, the bitten man blows his brains out, the passenger in the back seat gets eaten, and the female driver flees the undead and seeks refuge in a deserted shack, where the only weapon she can find to defend herself is a chainsaw. Oh, did I forget the part where our heroine gets her dress ripped off? Summary: Naked Zombie Girl is a simplistic ...

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Zombeavers review

zombeavers review zombie education alliance ts alan

Just when you thought the water was safe (USA, 2014) by TS Alan Plot: A trio of sorority sisters head to a remote cabin by a lake for a girls only weekend, after Jenn discovers that her boyfriend has cheated on her. But the other two’s horny boyfriends can’t stay away and intrude on the getaway, bringing Jenn’s cheating boyfriend along in hopes of reconciling the couple. But the boys’ plan for a weekend of sex and partying quickly goes awry when the group is attacked by a colony of flesh hungry beavers, mutated by a toxic waste spill, and ...

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The Dead the Damned and the Darkness review

The Dead the Damned and the Darkness review Zombie Education Alliance TS Alan

A Loner, a Deaf Girl, a Recluse and a Few Mutants (2014, USA) by TS Alan Storyline (from IMDB) In a savage land where zombies roam freely – Lieutenant Colonel Sawyer is armed with machine guns, body armor and courage. He is on a mission to give his family a burial at sea. To reach the coast, he must enter a quarantined infected zone and fight through hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. There he encounters a group of survivors including a young woman who is a target of both the male survivors and the ravenous zombies. To protect the last non-infected ...

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