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In The Crosshairs: Comic Artist John Broglia

In The Crosshairs: Comic Artist John Broglia Zombie Education Alliance

An interview with comic artist John Broglia John talks comics, zombies and gives some advice to aspiring comic creators by TS Alan Brooklyn, NY born and raised comic artist John Broglia knew from an early age he wanted to be a comic creator. Now, nearly ten years after his first comic (Zombie Sama!) was published, he’s done work on over a dozen comic issues including Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures for Red Comics, The God Complex for Image Comics and two digital comics of his own: Denali with Jay Faerber and Unmasked with Michael Sarrao. Broglia has also done animation ...

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Armor vs Mobility

armor vs mobilty ts alan zombie education alliance

Mobility means Survivability To armor up or not to armor up is a much debated and sometimes heated topic amongst zombie survivalists on the internet. The majority seem to think a fully protected body is essential, while the minority contest being heavily armored is not advantageous. For those who believe in it, what to wear spans the gambit from the realistic to the ridiculous. On one forum, I read a poster’s opinion that chain-mail is the best body armor to bear. If we lived in a perfect world, we’d all be prepared for a zombie apocalypse — knowing we will ...

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Z Nation: Welcome to the FU-Bar review

Z Nation: Welcome to the FU-Bar review Zombie Education Alliance

Syfy’s Z Nation Mid-season review “Welcome to the FU-Bar” Season 1, Ep. 08 – ‘Welcome to the FU-Bar’ | Aired Nov 08, 2014 by TS Alan “Welcome to the FU-Bar” marked the mid-season point of Syfy’s new zombie episodic Z Nation. In last week’s episode “Z Resurrection,” we lost the survivor group’s leader, National Guard Sgt. Charles Garnett (Tom Everett Scott). The sergeant took a bullet to save fellow survivor Murphy (Keith Allan), who holds the antibodies to the ZN1 virus in his blood. The group’s mission is to make it to a CDC facility in California — guided by ...

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Billy Tucci: The Boys of Company Z

101 Airborne The Boys of Company Z Zombie Education Alliance TS Alan

New York Comic Con 2014 Interview Billy Tucci talks The Boys of Company Z, his Shi projects and his feelings on Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s NYS Safe Act At last year’s New York Comic Con, I interviewed fellow prepper and long time acquaintance, Billy Tucci about his new comic project The Boys of Company Z, his Shi comic reboot, his Shi film project and about how he’s prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. He told me the third draft of the Shi script was coming along very well, his new Shi comic was getting ready to launch and would be ...

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AR-15 Basics – Part 3

Straight 8 Photography AR-15 Basics Zombie Education Alliance

Beginner’s Guide to the AR-15 Platform Part 3: Maintenance and Shooting the AR-15 In the first two parts of this AR-15 Basics series we’ve looked at the history of the AR-15 and have taken a look at the main components of the AR-15. Now we will talk about shooting the AR and some tools you should have to maintain it correctly. However, before we get into shooting the AR let’s go over the basic rules for gun safety; the same rules as we talked about in the article Hand Guns for Beginners. The Four Basic Rules are: Always keep the ...

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Exclusive Walking Dead Merchandise

exclusive walking dead merchandise zombie education alliance

The Walking Dead Merchandise Reigns Supreme at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Attention all of you The Walking Dead fans with money to burn, have I got a treat for you! I’ve arrived home from a trip to Universal Studios Orlando where their annual Halloween Horror Nights extravaganza is being held until the end of the month. While I can’t divulge much information about their massive, zombie-packed, Greg Nicotero designed horror house, I can tell you that even day guests without party tickets are treated to merchandise stations around the parks, fully loaded with gory, zombie goodness for your ...

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Juan of the Dead review

juan of the dead review zombie education alliance TS Alan

Juan de los Muertos aka Juan of the Dead (2012, Cuba) In honor of Juan of the Dead finally making it to blu-ray on October 14, I’m reposting a review I did for Zombie Training when the film was first released. Plot Summary: Juan of the Dead has almost reached cult status with zombiephiles based solely on the fact that it is the first zombie film to be shot in Havana and the first independent film to be shot in Cuba in over fifty years. Most impressively this Spanish/Cuban co-produced zombedy written and directed by Cuban native Alejandro Brugués lives ...

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Zombie Bolt 5k

Oklahoma City Zombie Bolt 5k zombie education alliance casey rostorfer

Greater Oklahoma City Zombie Bolt 5k Charity Run Happy October zombie lovers! ‘Tis the Season for zombie runs! Everyone sing it with me, “It’s the most, wonderful tiiiiiiime, of the year!” Over the course of the next month, the undead will be invading cities and towns all across America along 5 and 10 kilometer courses. If you have the opportunity to participate in such an event, I guarantee you will have a deadly good time. I ran such an event yesterday, and I’m back with some pointers to help you make the most of your experience. On October 4th, I ...

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Walking Dead New York Comic Con 2014 Panel

The Walking Dead New York Comic Con 2014 Panel zombie education alliance

The Walking Dead Season 5 by Olivia S. The Walking Dead is Back! Your favorite television show is back and ready for season 5. The Walking Dead premiers on October 12, 2014. Be ready to see some of your favorite actors like Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan and many more! On October 11th, some of the actors from The Walking Dead came to the Javits Center in New York City for Comic Con 2014 to do a Season 5 panel discussion. The room exploded with excitement while 3500 fans welcomed the actors and producers from the show. ...

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Hellsgate Tactical Precision Rifle Clinic – Part 4

hellsgate tactical precision rifle clinic zombie education alliance

Now That You Know a Thing or Two Calibrating Your Scope for Shooting In the first three parts of this series we looked at the rifle, optics, ammunition and the basic principles for long range shooting. We finish our Hellsgate Tactical Precision Rifle Clinic by discussing the final thing you’ll need to do to start shooting. Sighting Your Scope You are not going to be able to hit targets at 1000 yards without doing a little preparation. The first step is to zero the weapon at 100 yards. This is pretty much a standard distance for setting the zero. To ...

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