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When the Power Grid Fails: your alternate energy options

alternate energy options zombie education alliance

Generating Electricity When The World Goes Dark In a massive doomsday scenario, it is not a matter of if the power grid will fail, but how soon it will fail. In New York City, without human intervention, it is predicted that within four to six hours there will be scattered blackouts and brownouts in numerous areas, within twelve hours much of the system will be unstable, and within twenty-four hours most of the city will be out. Most of the world’s electricity is produced from fossil fuels; with no one to manufacture these fuels, or without operator input to control ...

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Hellsgate Tactical Precision Rifle Clinic – Part 2

Hellsgate Tactical Precision Rife Clinic zombie educational alliance

Importance of Choosing the Right Long Range Ammo In the first part of this four-part Hellsgate Tactical Precision Rifle Clinic series, we looked at the rifle and optics. Now we’ll look at one of the most important parts of long range shooting. Ammunition One of the most important parts of precision shooting is the ammunition that you use. All ammunition is not created equal. There is a bewildering variety of available ammunition types, but it can be broken down into two main types. What I call field grade and match grade. Field grade is massed produced and each round can ...

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AR-15 Basics – Part 2

Stephanie Hayden AR-15 basics - part 2 zombie education alliance

Beginner’s Guide to the AR-15 Platform Part 2: The Lower Receiver and Ammunition In the first part of this series we looked at how an AR-15 works and touched on some of its nomenclature, including the upper receiver. In this part we will look at the lower receiver along with the ammunition that can use utilized with this carbine. Functionally all lower receivers work the same. It has the fire control group, which is the trigger, a safety, a magazine eject and a bolt release. In the case of an M16, the safety is also the fire select lever that ...

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In The Crosshairs: Director Guy Pigden

in the crosshairs director guy pigden isazh zombie education alliance

An interview with I Survived a Zombie Holocaust director Guy Pigden Today we spotlight kiwi writer / director Guy Pigden and put him In The Crosshairs. He gives some advice to horror screenwriters and directors, along with some insight into his upcoming film ‘I Survived A Zombie Holocaust,’ and what he really thinks about a zombie holocaust. New Zealand born and raised writer/director Guy Pigden founded his Pigville Productions in 2002, with two esteemed colleagues, Harley Neville and Nic Larsen, and did what most aspiring filmmakers do, shoot a lot of shorts to showcase their talents and put them on ...

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Disaster L.A.: The Last Zombie Apocalypse Begins Here review

disaster la zombie education alliance

(USA, 2014) Be prepared or prepare to die Director/writer Turner Clay is most notably known for his 2011, low-budget zombie flick State of Emergency. Though the film was only fairly received, it did show Clay knew how to develop characters. Here again with his latest zombie horror, Disaster L.A.: The Last Zombie Apocalypse Begins Here, we once again see the story more about the characters and the personalities, and what they are experiencing and going through emotionally, than about the zombies. But this time Turner Clay has crafted a much better film. After a meteor shower strikes Los Angeles, toxic ...

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AR-15 Basics – Part 1

AR-15 Courtesy of Straight 8 Photography

Beginner’s Guide to the AR-15 Platform Part 1: A Brief History, it’s Nomenclature and Figuring out What’s Best for you We’ve talked about handguns and long range rifles in previous articles and in this one we’ll talk about the AR-15; arguably the most popular sporting rifle in the country. Inevitably when you start talking about the AR-15 an argument will start about which is a better rifle the AR-15 or the AK-47/74. While both have their good and bad points, I prefer the AR series for a couple of reasons. The M16/M4 is the standard battle rifle for the US ...

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April Apocalypse review

april apocalypse review zombie education alliance

Zombies – An Undead Road Movie (USA, 2013) The Tarnoll Brothers’ indie ZomRomCom April Apocalypse wants to be the next zombie road movie, but it makes a u-turn into mediocrity. Plot Summary: In the story, Artie (Reece Thompson) is lovestruck by his next door neighbor and best friend, April (Rebekah Brandes). After years of pining for her, he finally gets up the courage to pursue her only to find out that she is moving away. Three years later Artie is still heartbroken, hiding away in his parents’ basement hosting a podcast that no one listens to. Fed up with his ...

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Hellsgate Tactical Precision Rifle Clinic

Hellsgate Tactical's Precision Rifle Course

Choosing the Right Rifle and Scope that Fits your Needs In previous articles I have discussed the importance of being able to hit a target at long range, either for a meal or in support of your team members on a supply run. In an episode of The Walking Dead, a character was on a wall of the fortified town of Woodbury with a scoped suppressed rifle, and was unable to hit a walker at 100 feet. In this four-part Hellsgate Tactical Precision Rifle Clinic series, I will discuss the skills and tools you need to make that shot at ...

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In The Crosshairs: Author and Publisher James Roy Daley

In the crosshairs interview james roy daley

An interview with Books of the Dead Press’ founder James Roy Daley Today we spotlight horror author, musician and publisher James Roy Daley, and put him In The Crosshairs. He gives some advice to horror authors seeking to get published and tells us what he thinks about zombies. Daley studied film at the Toronto Film School, music at Humber College, and English at the University of Toronto. He is the author of The Hanging Tree, Into Hell, 13 Drops of Blood and Zombie Kong. In 2009, he founded Books of the Dead Press, now one of the most successful small ...

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Z Nation: Puppies and Kittens review

Z Nation Poster

Syfy’s Z Nation Premier Episode Review “Puppies and Kittens” Season 1, Ep. 01 – ‘Puppies and Kittens’ | Aired Sept 12, 2014 by TS Alan The Asylum’s new zombie horror series Z Nation aired last night on the Syfy channel, and all ready viewers are commenting on how it’s nothing like The Walking Dead. And to me that’s a good thing. Three years into the zombie apocalypse, Delta Force Lt. Mark Hammond (Harold Perrineau) assembles a ragtag team of survivors to transport the only known survivor (Keith Allan) of the zombie virus from New York to California in hopes of ...

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